HIROSHIMA – risen up from the ashes; and a side trip to MIYAJIMA


There is a fantastic number of statues, memorials, and monuments at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park remembering the victims, the horror caused by nuclear weapons, and promoting peace.

May peace prevail on earth – can’t argue with that. No more nuclear attacks, never again another Hiroshima.

I take the liberty to add: No more massacres in Nanking or elsewhere, no more brutish experiments on humans in Manchuria, and never again abduction and rape of so-called comfort women from Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Yes, may peace prevail on earth – everywhere and for everyone.

Visiting Hiroshima, I wasn’t able to imagine an average Japanese city with a little over a million inhabitants plying their trades as if their city never had been practically erased and went down in history as one of the biggest humanitarian disasters.
Today, it is a charming city – risen up from the ashes of 1945.

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Source: HIROSHIMA – risen up from the ashes; and a side trip to MIYAJIMA

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